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Cyclades are a cluster of islands scattered around the Aegean and Santorini is one of them. All the Cycladic islands have formed similarities in the way they have ben inhabited. Mostly influenced by the endless blue of the sea and sky, they have created a stylistic approach that resembles the waves and the clouds. So you will find all-white buildings on most of the islands of Cyclades, with blue shutters and doors complementing them. 
But Santorini takes Cycladic architecture to a whole new level. In fact, Santorini is a marvelous blend of the typical Cycladic architecture with a twist. Due to the presence of the volcano, there are elements that could not be ignored. The whiteness of the buildings is not only limited by the blue or other vivid colors on the windows, the doors and the domes of the churches. There is also the volcanic soil that has been implemented, giving a special out-of-this-world touch to each space. 
The cavelike buildings have also thrived on the island of Santorini, because of their excellent temperature preservation. The traditionally built caves are called Canava, which has been a pretty distinctive way of building for the islanders. Besides the lack of humidity and coolness throughout the year, the Canava makes an exceptional accommodation option where unpretentious luxury and comfort are fused most wonderfully. 
So if you are in search of discovering the Cycladic architecture and seeing much more than that, then Santorini is the perfect place to be. And if you are interested in finding out how the locals built their houses in the past and used the landscape to their advantage, then you are welcome to stay at Atrina Canava 1894. All the suites and villas encompass the core essence of Cyclades and the soul of Santorini in a mesmerizing blend!
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