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Looking at pictures of sparkling swimming pools of azure waters will surely fuel your wanderlust. Who doesn't want to be an adventurer and travel the world, in order to be part of the experiences depicted on the photos, after all? Especially a picture of a pool spreading all the way to the cobalt blue of the horizon and the sea all around is quite an experience. So it is no wonder why Atrina Canava 1894 inspires such intense wanderlust! 
Laid back moments on the sun loungers, soaking under the Mediterranean sun and overlooking the Aegean and the magical horizon seems like a dream. But dreams do com true in Oia and photos are clar proof of that! With a privileged view to the infinity and a panorama of blue embracing you, how can you not daydream right now? Counting the days till you visit Santorini for th first time and then scheduling your next visit to sheer magic is the only remedy.
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Because who does not need Vitamin Sea? And when you are welcome to enjoy the unique combo of utter serenity and privacy along with sensational sunset views and blue dreams unveiled throughout the day, then this is pure Aegean bliss! Enjoy cocktails and delicious drinks at the pool bar, diving in the crystalline waters of the pool and at the same time delving in nature's all-blue Cycladic masterpiece. A wonderful experience, which you are more than welcome to live time and time again at Atrina Canava 1894. Book your stay now and start counting backwards till we meet – and who knows? Your photos might be even more impressive than those that have fuelled your inspiration and your desire to visit Santorini and Oia!
Atrina Canava 1894
Oia, 84701, Santorini,
Cyclades Islands,
Tel:+30 22860 71807
Fax:+30 22860 71637
Reservations all year round +30 22860 21270
MHTE: 1167Κ124Κ0932101

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