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Oia is a picturesque village just few kilometers off Fira, embodying the very essence of Cycladic Islands. Whitewashed houses with blue shutters and churches with blue domes, hanging from the cliff and offering dramatic vistas from above. The infinite blue of the Aegean shimmering and the bright cloudless Mediterranean sky hosting your dreams. Cobbled pathways and quaint neighborhoods, warm and hospitable locals, lovely cafeterias and taverns with mouth-watering traditional recipes. And above all, the enchanting Theran sunset at its finest!
At the beautiful settlement of Oia you will be able to enjoy an unearthly experience, as soon as the sun comes down. The whole sky gets filled with colorful shades and the lucky few who have come to Oia for this special reason are fully compensated for their inspiration. The bright sky now turns to warm orange and red, yellow and purple. There are millions of colors depicted on this marvelous canvas, as if the most skillful artist started painting. People burst into applause spontaneously, since this is an overwhelming experience and they want to show their appreciation and awe!

When visiting Oia, you will also have the opportunity to visit the Maritime Museum and gaze at the remains of a Venetian fortress. You will not be needing a vehicle and so you will be expected to park outside the village. Atrina Canava 1894 boasts its marvelous location on the iconic village of Oia in Santorini. Enjoy the world famous Cycladic architecture, along with the refined style and brightness all around, in a serene retreat with stunning views. So you are welcome to explore the magic of Oia, staying with us and allowing us to show you thefinest standards in Theran hospitality!
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