Santorini: The Embodiment of Romantic Honeymoon

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Have you been searching for the ultimate romantic destination to celebrate your honeymoon? Santorini is practically synonym to romance, thanks to its unspoiled natural beauty and the emblematic sunset, the lunar shaped beaches and the majestic landscapes. When you visit the island, you will immediately feel its unique and irresistible aura embracing you. It will take you over and you will have no other choice but to surrender to its uniqueness.
Honeymooners find exactly what itis they are looking for in Santorini. This is a place with impressive architecture, adding a special touch of romance through every single whitewashed house typically hanging from the steep cliffs. The imposing caldera offers the ideal backdrop for endless moments of gazing at the magical rock formations, contemplating and coming together with your precious significant other. A visit to the volcano and the historic monuments of Santorini allows you to learn more about the island's history and glorious past, without lacking anything in terms of amazement.

Besides that, the volcanic aura is highlighted through a wide selection of Spa treatments and soothing massage sessions. In this transcendental setting, how can you notrelax totally and unconditionally? Special treatments for couples are available, providing just the experience that suits your mood. And then, lounging by the swimming pool overlooking the Aegean and sipping a signature cocktail or dipping in your private Jacuzzi over a glass of chilled champagne, these are all amazing!

At Atrina Canava 1894, where tradition meets passion and where luxury meets laid-back atmophere and magnificent views, honeymooners find the ideal reteatfor celebrating the start of their life together. Book your stay here and enjoy a marvelous romantic honeymoon...because you and your loved one deserve nothing less than that!
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