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Fresh ingredients straight from the orchard to the table, along with the finest fish and seafood from the nets of local fishermen, attention to the slightest detail with utmost respect to traditional cooking methods and nature’s bliss, these are the special characteristics of Mediterranean cuisine. On the island of Santorini, Mediterranean cuisine is taken to the next level, orchestrating the major principles of healthy living with a unique twist that brings gastronomic delights to each and every single dish.
Who has not been left speechless by the fresh aromas of the sea, perfectly cooked to treat the most discerning palates in each bite? The catch of the day consists of lobsters and shrimps, octopus and of course wild fed fish of the Mediterranean. All these are accompanied by succulent salads of mixed greens and the world renowned tomataki (medium sized cherry tomato only growing on the distinctive volcanic soil of Santorini) and white eggplant, mouth watering appetizers and local cheese varieties.

As for the nectar of the Gods, wine of the most sophisticated quality standards is produced throughout the island of Santorini. Theran vineyards hold their long lasting secrets and make the most splendidly delicious, fruity and aromatic wine varieties to be treasured in every meal. From the first sip, you will travel to mystical places and feel the very essence of wine-making.

Discover the wonders of the Mediterranean with the special character of Theran cuisine. Tradition is celebrated alongside with gourmet dining and modernity, in a fusion that offers epicurean dishes that surprise your palate and introduce you to the ultimate Mediterranean journey. Savor each meal, tasting healthy delicacies carefully prepared for you with handpicked ingredients and following the mastery of the seasoned chefs on the island!
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